About Doña-Magnolia

Our chefs pride themselves on being able to create meals from all around the world. However, what separates our team from the rest is that we look to put a twist on classic cuisines. Here at Doña-Magnolia, we want to offer you meals that you simply can’t find anywhere else.

Doña-Magnolia is a melting pot of modern meals for you to enjoy. Our team comes from a variety of different backgrounds and helps curate a menu of meals from all around the world. Our menu is diverse, and we pride ourselves on having unique meals for you to try every time you enter our restaurant.

We will be able to serve you delicious foods from all around the world, such as our New York Steak, our Chicken Caprese Quesadilla, or our delicious Clams, to name just a few examples.

Above all else, we want to give you an experience that you can only get at Doña-Magnolia. We love seeing new faces walk into our restaurant, and we love building connections with those who come in frequently.